2017 Breeding Season Special Offer

Mia Diablitos SMR 2470

Mia Diablitos SMR 2470

Doses of frozen semen from both Paisano and Mia Diablitos are available for shipent though the 2017 breeding season at the rate of $215. per dose.

Paisano SMR 3313

Paisano SMR 3313

As a special offer, I will refund the purchase price for the first pregnancy resulting from the use of semen from each stallion.

More information on these two fine stallions may be found on the Stallion page.

Herb Adventures

Urtica dioicaI am excited to be venturing into sharing the plants on our property with the wider world. This coming Monday, 3/21/16, we will be open for u-cut stinging nettle from 10 am to 2 pm.

I also have some plants available for sale. Pictured at right is a bareroot Urtica dioica plant that I harvested the leaves from and later potted up. I also have full plants that were dug and potted two weeks ago.

In time, we will have more varieties of herbs available for harvest and plants for sale. I’m just beginning to inventory what is already here, and will be adding more plants over time, both in the ground, and to this list.

Details about Monday’s event

Bring your own:
Gloves – The best gloves to use are regular rubber kitchen gloves.
Basket or container
Tool for cutting (scissors, hand sythe, or nippers)

Wear long sleeves and long pants. Yes, it does sting! And the itch lasts for a day or two.

We have plenty of baling twine for tying up bundles of herb.
Plants are also available for purchase.

U-Cut price is $8/lb.
We may have some cut at $15/lb.
We can also keep 50% of what you harvest as payment.

While not organically certified, our property has been managed without spray or chemical additions since 2012. This patch of nettle is naturally growing under fir trees.

Feel free to RSVP here.

Saddle Fitting Clinic – 11/8

Cora in a Ghost Roma

Cora in a Ghost Roma

We will be holding a saddle fitting clinic with Marlene Moss of Badlands Equine on 11/8. Marlene is a dealer for Ghost Saddles and Free N Easy saddles, but will give saddle fitting sessions related to all type of saddles.

If you are interested in bringing a horse, please let me know as soon as possible, as the are limited spaces. Auditors are welcome at $10 for the day.

The event is also listed on our Facebook events page, with more information.

I recently demoed a Ghost Roma and Quilty. I was impressed with them, and will likely add a Ghost to my saddle collection soon.