Paisano SMR 3313 Spanish Mustang stallion


2003 Spanish Mustang stallion
Black sabino appaloosa

SMR 3313 +++ HOA 1418

American Sport Pony Registry (ASPR) Approved First Premium
IRC Sportpony Book I

(War Dancer x Wyoming Dusk)
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I am offering Paisano for sale for a limited time. If there is no interest in him as a stallion, he will be gelded before September. This decision has nothing at all to do with Paisano, just me simplifying.

Please contact me for more information.

News Flash!

Paisano's second foal, out of Lily's full sister, Cobriza, bred by Akal Ranch, was born June 29th, 2008. She is proudly owned by Susan Catt of Celt's Baroque Spanish Mustangs. More photos may be found on Susan's blog here. I am very happy with the quality and presence that this filly shows. I look forward to watching her develop.

Paisano stands 14 hands and packs fire and lovely baroque style into a small package. He passes along his engaging temperament and superior conformation. He is being brought along slowly under saddle, schooling Training and First Level dressage this year and getting out on the trails. Paisano has a nice jump and easily clears 3' free jumping. He has natural collection and plenty of suspension, consistently scoring 8's on his uphill canter departs in dressage schooling shows.

Paisano is also starting to show gait under saddle with a nice 4 beat diagonal. I will likely develop this in the future, but for now we are focusing on basic training and trail experience.

Paisano can contribute style and flash to your breeding program, as he carries both Sabino-1 pinto and LP appaloosa patterns, as well as being homozygous black. Bred by Emmett Brislawn of the Cayuse Ranch, Paisano is the product of over 70 years of selective breeding for the old Spanish type horse that helped build America. He is truly Yesterday's Horse for Today's Rider.

Videos of Paisano can be seen on

Some comments from the judges at the ASPR inspection:

"His front legs are substantial. His alignment is straight. His joints are dry. His pasterns are correct. And his hooves are absolutely fabulous. They are well shaped and of correct length, they are just picture perfect. When he travels, he is correct in front and behind and he has good rhythm. He has a good walk. He really steps well under himself. He has a good trot and a good canter. In his loose jumping, he does everything with ease. He is neat in front and behind, his approach is great. He is well balanced and very light footed. When he trots and canters, you cannot hear him. That is what we want. We want to see the movement. When the horse is in motion, the less you hear of the footfall, the better it is."

He traces back to both Mexican Joe and Chief Pushmataha, the two foundation sources of appaloosa color in the Spanish Mustang Registry. Other notable foundation horses in his lineage are Scarface through Tahoka, Narragansett though Jack Slade, Mexi Cali Rose, Buckshot, Red Ant, Cochise, Blue Corn, Ute, Queenie, Ka-Maw-I, San Domingo, Yellow Fox, Choctaw and Teton.

Results of testing for Paisano's color genotype can be found here. He is negative for lethal white overo (LWO) and homozygous black.

Photo Galleries

Performance and Training

May 9, 2008 - A ride with my son on Lily
April 2008 - Riding out.
September 23, 2007 - Dressage Schooling Show at Beautiful Gaits - Paisano was first place in his very first Training Level test. Video of both test can be found here.
September 17, 2007 - Schooling ride in preparation for his first Training level schooling show.
March 11, 2007 - We are up to 17 rides now. Check out the QuickTime video from this ride.
February 24, 2007 - More riding in a bosal for now.
January 25, 2007 - His 10th ride and doing well. VIDEO
January 1, 2007 - Tacked up and (relatively) clean.
November 11-15, 2006 - Moving to a new a storm...and bells!
October 7, 2006 - Hitching to shafts for the first time.
August 5, 2006 - Playing around with some tricks
August 4, 2006 - First ride.
April 7, 2006 - The trimmer comes to do his feet
April 1, 2006 - Working in my old Stubben dressage saddle
January 27, 2006 - Free jumping 2'9"
January 24, 2006 - Trying on a proper harness
January 22, 2006 - The TARP and a romp in the grass
November 30, 2005 - A little ground driving in the dark and fog
September 30, 2005 - Introduced to the Flag
June 12, 2005 - A new bridle and playing with toys.
April 30, 2005 - Showing off his salute.
April 6, 2005 - Ground work in the arena and the TARP

Markings Galleries

October 28, 2006 - He has lost the snowflakes on his neck.
September 20, 2005 - Appy spots
September 2005 - Sabino and appy closeups


March 2008 - NW Horse Fair & Expo
March 24, 2007 - NW Horse Fair & Expo - Report and links to Photos
March 17-18, 2006 - NW Horse Fair & Expo
October 8, 2005 - ASPR Inspection at DevonWood EC, Sherwood, OR
June 25, 2005 - Paisano's First Show

Paisano and Mares

August 4, 2006 - Visiting with Lily while she gets a bath.
March 3, 2006 - Paisano meets the new mare
February 2, 2006 - Lily is now in the stall by Paisano. See what lengths he will try to be near her.
September 20, 2005 - Out for a run with Lily
New Year's Eve 2004 - Out with Lily

At Liberty

December 24, 2007 - Spooked himself!
November 25, 2007 - A few fun photos...
October 24, 2007 - Out in the pasture the day Cora left
May 20, 2006 - A good roll and run
March 12, 2006 - Romping after a bath
February 5, 2006 - Hanging out in the arena
January 27, 2006 - Taking a break between jumping and hanging out with Mom.
October 5, 2005 - Cleaning up for the ASPR inspection
August 4, 2005 - Paisano gets a nail through his sole. Ouch!
July 15, 2005 - Last time playing with Raffi
July 3, 2005 - Playing with Raffi
April 24, 2005 - 50 pictures from conformation and head shots to playing in turnout.
February 28, 2005 - Out with the geldings for the first time.
February 5, 2005 - Running around in the turn out pasture.

Baby Pictures

November 29, 2004 - Cavorting in his paddock and meeting the Big Red Ball
November 19, 2004 - Assorted pictures
November 3, 2004 - Out in the arena
October 29, 2004 - Trying on a show halter
October 24, 2004 - First full day at home.
October 23, 2004 - Paisano comes home to Oregon.
June 21, 2004 - One of his first times in the stockade and halter training.

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